Where you can find me.

September 18, 2008

I figured I’d make a little post about where I can be found on the internet. I know most if not all of the links are on the sidebar but I figured that I’d emphasize that a little bit. First of all, if you have questions you can always comment or email me. Or if I’m online, you can always instant message me. I only use AIM. I haven’t had a need for another messager. But if a lot of you complain about that, I can always try a different messager if you want to talk to me. My email and my aim name will be added to the sidebar soon.

Aside from that, you can always visit my Twitter page, my Flickr, or see me at the message boards that I post at. The list of MBs that I frequent and my usernames at them are listed on the sidebar. Hope that helps anyone that wants to talk to me. I’d love to make some new friends.


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