Fab Friday: 10/10/2008

October 10, 2008

1. Team Sugar is an online community for women. You can join and chat with other women or do like me and just lurk and surf. It has different ‘sites’ with different themes. They give you the latest news in your favorite categories. You can surf them all everyday or do like me and just visit your favorites. Here are the ones that I visit everyday: PopSugar for my celeb fix; FabSugar and BellaSugar for my fashion and beauty fix; and last but certainly not least, my favorite out of all of them GeekSugar for my technology fetish. 😀

2. This site I actually found on the aforementioned GeekSugar this week actually. This site is so awesome! It will probably end up making me spend even more money than I normally do. 😀 It’s Woot: One Day, One Deal. Everyday they offer one item at a very discounted price. You have that one day to buy it, or at least until they run out of items. You can look back at old items (but not buy them) and they also have a blog.

3. Gala is only one of the best people anywhere! I love her site and I visit everyday. Her articles are great and her sense of self is just amazing! She is on my blogroll and I totally encourage anyone to visit her site who doesn’t already. Which I highly doubt. 😀

4. I love blazers. I just absolutely love them! I plan to buy a whole slew of them for this fall season. A new trend this season is the Piped Blazer as seen here. Take a look! Hopefully I’ll be having this soon!

5. For those of you planning on losing your minds this November for NaNoWriMo I have a link that I found while trolling their forums. It has a bunch of links that should helpful. And even those who don’t plan to participate, the links should be helpful for any writer. It’s 85 Resources for Fiction Writing.


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