The 44th President of the United States…

November 5, 2008

….is Barack Obama. I’m happy beyond belief. We as a country needed a real change and I honestly believe that he can and will bring that to us. I’m so proud of us as a country that this was even possible. And now I’m off to be very smug, politely of course. 😀



  1. Speaking from the UK, we’re pretty pleased and proud of you too! 😀

  2. I am not and will not be a Obama supporter. I do however agree this country needed a change and we sure and hell got that last night. I will eat my words, and will apologize to everyone in this country if I am wrong…But I, really don’t think I am. So, we all can wait together and see how he does in the Oval Office. Lets see those taxes go up on the rich, lets see the government cut down on the spending, lets see the troops pulled out of Iraq in shame, lets see the middle class and the poorest of citizens of this country get means to live on, lets see if we all get affordable health insurance, and most of all….LETS SEE IF IT IS…..OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE…Like he said in his speech last night. I really do have alot of doubts.
    I do believe it will be politics as usual…lies, government spending out of hand, no health insurance…or even an affordable one, and the richer ones get richer off the poorest people of this country. We all think George Bush was bad…just wait!!
    And I, would like to give my Deepest Sympathy, to Any Parent, who has lost a son or daughter in the War in Iraq…For if he pulls our troops out with out defeating the enemy…All those KIDS..WILL HAVE DIED FOR NOTHING!!! Shame on us all.

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