Fab Friday: 12/5/2008

December 5, 2008

Yes! It’s that time of the week again!

1. Funny yet useful article about getting use from your digital camera! I thought it was hilarious, especially the one entitled ‘Evidence for your Defense’. But there are definitely some useful tips there. Including taking a picture of your name and number to keep saved on your camera in case you lose it.

2. Saw this great article about a cool new credit card with a keypad. Supposed to be more secure. You type in your pin when you make an online purchase and the security code pops up. This way it’s not just printed on the card itself. Pretty awesome!

3. Babyassface (I love that name!) had an article about the benefits of cold showers in skin care. I don’t know if I’d try it myself while it’s cold outside, but it’s something to think about. Tell me if you try it! 😀

4. Since the holidays are coming fast, I figured I’d give some links to some good gift guides for those of us who wait until the last minute. *cough*me*cough* Here are a few from my favorite websites: Periodic Elements of Style, beauty girl musings, Mademoiselle Robot, and HolidaySugar. I linked their labels or tags so you can keep checking back those specific links instead of trying to search their whole sites as they post more ideas over the next couple of weeks.

5. And last but not least! Gala is having a giveaway to celebrate both Christmas and iCing’s upcoming 2 year anniversary. So everyday she is holding a contest that you can enter to win some pretty cool stuff. here is the list of things you can win.


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