Fab Friday: 12/12/2008

December 12, 2008

1. Found this link through Christina. It’s called Glamour Check and it’s all about makeup. 😀 I thought it was just great and thought I’d share it. She runs it with Ashbe and Nicolah.

2. I love Aeri. She has great videos on YouTube teaching you how to cook Korean dishes. My mom used to always try to teach me herself but Aeri makes it much easier because she gives actual measurements! lol

3. I found these two articles useful for those that want to make the most out of your computer. It’s useful, free software for Macs and for Windows. I found some pretty interesting things, especially since my new Macbook is coming in any day now. 😀

4. Poladroid project allows you to upload your photos and put them into a polaroid format for printing or uploading on the internet. It looks too awesome! It’s only for Macs right now but they are alpha testing the Windows version currently. I can’t wait until I can use it. Since real Polaroids are going out with the cease of film production this will have to do for us.


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