Christmas Time

December 27, 2008

Hey, guys! A belated Merry Christmas to everyone. 😀 I was so busy getting the last of my shopping and wrapping done. Then I had to work on Christmas day. But I’m glad to be back. I figured I’d pop in and say hi and my holiday haul. Hope I don’t bore everyone.

I didn’t get much which is fine with me. I didn’t really need or want anything much. All I really got was my much wanted Polaroid PoGo Instant Printer I used it and it’s totally awesome! I love that the pictures are stickers too so I use them to decorate my gadgets, etc. 😀 I wonder what my first project will be? I also got some gift cards to my favorite places to shop and cash. And as per tradition I got pajamas from my dad. Very handy gift I say, and they are too cute. 😀 I’ll have to remember to post a picture.

Since I worked on Christmas I didn’t get to do much that day. But the day after my sister and I decided to go to the dollar movie theater and re-see ‘High School Musical 3’. I just love that movie! Too cute. Anyway, just gearing up for New Years now. I’m trying to see if I’ll bother with resolutions this year. I normally don’t and when I do I never remember to do them anyway. :/ I don’t have any plans yet either. I don’t have to work the day after so I don’t have to worry about that. I may just go out and get drunk. 😀



  1. aww, that’s awful. You have to work on Christmas day. I like th HSM3 too, I was surprised with the movie.. dancing and singing.

  2. Good to know that you got what you wanted! And it’s pretty cool that you can have your pictures as stickers 🙂 I don’t think we have that here :s Oh well! Advance happy new year!

  3. that’s a bummer that you had to work on christmas day. Hope you have a great new years. I’m not really looking forward to mine as I’m working 3rd shift..

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