New Years Resolutions 2009

December 31, 2008

I’ve decided to some up with actual New Years Resolutions this year. I didn’t even make the effort last year, so I’ll try to make up for it this year. I don’t want anything too lofty or hard that I’ll never accomplish, I just want a list of things that I can do to improve myself personally.

1. Drink more water and less sodas – This is definitely something that I do need to work on. I drink way too many carbonated drinks to be healthy. :/ I need to work on drinking water everyday. I’ll probably get a refillable water bottle to carry around with me so I can drink it instead of buying a soda.

2. Doing at least a little exercise every week – I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that I can exercise everyday. But I figure I’ll start off slow and work myself into it. I just want to be healthier overall.

3. Be more organized – I really resolve to be more organized this year. I plan to actually use my planner and to pay attention to up coming events. Especially birthdays. I am notorious for sending cards late. :/ I’ve already started on this my setting up my iCal to send me emails 2 weeks in advance to special dates. I also plan to organize my living space as well. There is so much that I need to throw out that I couldn’t bear to part with before. But I will be clean and maintain that this year. 😀 I hope.

4. Save more money – And last, but not least, I plan to save more money this year. I want to put away at least $100 a month into a separate savings account. Hopefully I’ll be able to put away more especially with the raise I got but I really want to start saving more money this year. I really need to get out of debt and be ready to move out this year.


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