Fab Friday 1/30/09

January 31, 2009

What’s up guys? Here is another edition of Fab Friday. Sorry for posting this so late. I totally forgot about. 😀 At least it’s technically Friday, right?

1. This link is actually to an Etsy shop which is called ripe cards. It sells handmade greeting cards for the mature audience and they are hilarious. 😀 Here are some of my favs: what… and get better

2. This is an article from the NY Times about a small apartment that is 24 rooms in one due to reconfigurable walls. It actually looks really awesome. And you can also view a slideshow of the apartment.

3. This was a great post about being short. Being about 5’1″ myself, this post was a great find for me. I totally understand what it feels like to be the shortest person in the room. Please read if you are a ‘Lilliputian’ like myself or even if you aren’t. 😉

4. From Knock Out Cosmetics is a new formula of nail polish that is matte instead of shiny. I’m loving it! It comes in black and ivory. The black just looks gorgeous!

5. There has been so much going on about hooping lately, especially from the lovely Gala. Anyway, this post seems like a great place to start if you are interested in this sort of thing. I need a new exercise routine (and by that I mean that I need one period) but I tend to get bored really easily. I’ve been thinking of taking up hooping since it seems so fun!



  1. Hi! Thanks for linking my post about hooping!
    I have a secret to share with you… I HATE EXERCISE!
    So when I found hooping, or rather it found me, I was hooked, obsessed, hoop mad. In the two years that I have been in a total spin I have never got bored, not once (and I hoop everyday)

    Those sparkling rings have changed my body, life and perspective! If you have a chance my advice is…rock you hoops!


  2. Hey girl I miss your blog updates!

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