Just a Minute in…May

May 28, 2009

good eats

Watching… Food Network a lot lately, I have no idea why but it makes me pretty hungry.

Reading… mostly ‘Twilight’ fanfiction with a couple of real books thrown in. I got it read ‘Perfect Fifths’ by Megan McCafferty and I was so happy with the ending. 😀

Listening… to a lot soundtracks lately as well as music from musicals. I’m in a theatrical mood I think. Also Duffy, Adele, and Joss Stone.

Wanting… to be in shape for the summer. I’d love to join a gym this year.

Trying… to find a new job. Since I’m out of school I need to find a job so I can get out of my parent’s house. :/

Waiting for… ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. Since ‘American Idol’ is now over SYTYCD will become my new obsession once the new season starts next month. I can’t wait!

I first found this meme on Here Come the Sun but I managed to trace it back to it’s origin. So if you want to know more about it just visit August Street. I think that it’s a good way to reflect over what you’ve done, or haven’t done, for the past month.



  1. I love this list – so much good stuff in here 🙂
    And I’m completely jealous that you get to watch a new season of SYTYCD…! Ours finished about a month ago so it might be a while before we get the US one over here (Aus).


  2. PS. I’ve added a link to your site on my blog. Thx for playing!

  3. Ohh this is a short list but something that’ll really make you think. Too bad i’m not fond of doing memes though. Maybe when i’m just super bored? Haha.

    Ah Joss Stone! I like how she sings 🙂

  4. Getting in shape is one of my goals as well. It’s so hard sometimes but it’s worth it. And good luck on your job search. I hope you find one that you like!

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