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Just a Minute in…June

June 30, 2009

Amanda Leigh

Watching…‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Royal Pains’. The latter is especially awesome. It’s like a cross between ‘House’ and ‘McGuyver’. lol

Listening to…Mandy Moore’s new album. I especially love ‘Merrimack River’. Very folksy.

Eating and drinking…more water and Gatorade. I’m trying to cut back on my soda’s. I’ve also started drinking V8 Splash which is really good. I’ve also tried to cut back on fast food and I’m eating a little healthier. Emphasis on the little. lol

Shopping…for different types of clothing. I’m approaching my 30’s slowly but surely so I really need a more grown up look. I’m not really sure what my look is. I just know that I’m getting tired of jeans and polos.

Trying to… find a place to live and find a new job still. I’m really hoping something pops up soon. I’m so ready to move out. 😀 I’ve been putting in my resume everywhere and visiting apartments left and right.


Sunday Shuffle

June 21, 2009

This is a new type of blog entry that I’m hoping will make a weekly appearance granted that I don’t get lazy or forget. Both of which are completely possible scenarios. lol Basically I’m going to push the shuffle button on my iPod and list the first ten songs that play for me, no matter how embarrassing. (BTW, sorry this was so late in the day. I thought I published it but apparently I only saved it as a draft. :/ But from now on I plan to post this earlier on Sundays.)

1. Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child: This was during that big drama with changing members and kicking people out. But this album was awesome. 😀 Gotta love their harmonies. I miss the original group. I have nothing against Michelle but the original foursome was amazing. And this video was cute.

2. Glamorous – Fergie: I love Fergie! She is awesome both by herself and with the Black Eyed Peas. I love this song, both the lyrics and the beat. Perfect car riding music.

3. Low (feat. T. Pain) – Flo Rida: I love this song! Flo Rida is just great and T.Pain is always good with his collabs. Another great song to drive around to.

4. Tearin’ Up My Heart – ‘N Sync: I love ‘N Sync! Even if they aren’t together anymore. I love their old music and still listen to it. I loved them more than I liked the Backstreet Boys and totally stopped listening to the Backstreet Boys when I discovered ‘N Sync. 😀 They were so adorable! Especially JT.

5. Do Your Thing – ‘N Sync: Ditto. (And the fact that two songs by them came up back to back is really funny.)

6. Wouldn’t It Be Loverly (My Fair Lady) – Julie Andrews: This is my favorite song from the musical. As much as I like Audrey Hepburn I would have loved to have seen Julie Andrews in that movie. Her voice was just amazing and had such a great range.

7. Don’t Forget to Remember Me – Carrie Underwood: I’ve loved her since American Idol. I really wanted her to win from the beginning. Her voice is just so pure and strong. And her songs are great to listen to.

8. There’s Hope – India Arie: I loved this whole album by her. It’s very uplifting and inspiring to listen to. I like to listen to it when I’m feeling low.

9. Everybody’s Fool – Evanescence: Probably my favorite song by them. I just love Amy’s voice. Their videos were always great too.

10. Rehab – Rihanna: I’ve loved her from the beginning. This song is amazing and the video for this song is just so hot. JT needs to be in every music video. 😀

Well, that’s my first list. As you can see my music is fairly eclectic. I like all different kinds. Also, I’m taking this as a time to take music recommendations as well. If there is something or someone you think I might like just let me know in comments. I’d love some new music to listen to.


Quotes to Ponder

June 16, 2009

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” Will Smith


Small Update

June 8, 2009

There’s really not much going on around here. I’ve just been going to my last two classes and working. I’ve also been doing some job hunting so we’ll have to see how that goes. I really hope I can find something decent so I can start to really make a dent in my credit card bills. It really sucks when you see how much money you paid for school. :/ Oh, well.
I’ve also started a new exercise routine. Since I can’t really afford a gym membership right now I bought some exercise dvds. I bought Core Rhytms from Target last week and I have to say I was really sweating. I like that it’s a pretty quick workout that you can feel and don’t need extra equipment for. It’s really annoying to have to buy exercise balls or yoga mats or barbells. It came with 4 dvds the last one was a waste because it’s a latin dancing dvd that requires a partner but the others are great. I’m going to try to keep track of my progress and see how it goes. I’m not really trying to lose weight so much as keep in shape. We’ll see. 😀