Small Update

June 8, 2009

There’s really not much going on around here. I’ve just been going to my last two classes and working. I’ve also been doing some job hunting so we’ll have to see how that goes. I really hope I can find something decent so I can start to really make a dent in my credit card bills. It really sucks when you see how much money you paid for school. :/ Oh, well.
I’ve also started a new exercise routine. Since I can’t really afford a gym membership right now I bought some exercise dvds. I bought Core Rhytms from Target last week and I have to say I was really sweating. I like that it’s a pretty quick workout that you can feel and don’t need extra equipment for. It’s really annoying to have to buy exercise balls or yoga mats or barbells. It came with 4 dvds the last one was a waste because it’s a latin dancing dvd that requires a partner but the others are great. I’m going to try to keep track of my progress and see how it goes. I’m not really trying to lose weight so much as keep in shape. We’ll see. 😀



  1. Good luck with the new routine. As long as you can get motivation/inspiration each week, who needs a gym?

    I’m with you – time to get serious. And I just found this nice little idea here which I’m going to join in this week: http://meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com/2009/06/move-it-like-mike-week-1.html

  2. I’ve never tried doing anything to keep myself in shape. All I do is play badminton regularly and that’s not even considered as a serious exercise in my opinion. I hope the DVDs work for you for the meantime! 🙂

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