Just a Minute in…June

June 30, 2009

Amanda Leigh

Watching…‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Royal Pains’. The latter is especially awesome. It’s like a cross between ‘House’ and ‘McGuyver’. lol

Listening to…Mandy Moore’s new album. I especially love ‘Merrimack River’. Very folksy.

Eating and drinking…more water and Gatorade. I’m trying to cut back on my soda’s. I’ve also started drinking V8 Splash which is really good. I’ve also tried to cut back on fast food and I’m eating a little healthier. Emphasis on the little. lol

Shopping…for different types of clothing. I’m approaching my 30’s slowly but surely so I really need a more grown up look. I’m not really sure what my look is. I just know that I’m getting tired of jeans and polos.

Trying to… find a place to live and find a new job still. I’m really hoping something pops up soon. I’m so ready to move out. 😀 I’ve been putting in my resume everywhere and visiting apartments left and right.


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