Back from my holiday!

December 3, 2009

First, I’d like to apologize for being a complete loser. I totally was lost for the month of November. I do have good excuse though, for all that saw my last post I was busy trying to catch up for NaNoWriMo. I tried so hard! But it was all futile. I got halfway through. :/ It’s better than my previous efforts but still not quite the win I was going for. But maybe next year. I have to say that I really like the story I was going for so maybe I’ll continue to write it at a more leisurely pace now.

Moving on! I went down to Florida to visit with family for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun! Of course the drive down was a bit cramped with the five of use in a Pathfinder. Those things are really not made with passengers in mind, especially those in the back. But the food was amazing! Of course we almost managed to burn my aunt’s house down with the turkey, but other than that it was great! lol The mac and cheese was a little burned on top but we just ate around that.

What was not fun was Black Friday. I don’t know how I managed to get roped into any of it but this was my schedule. Thursday evening went to go see ‘Ninja Assassin’ with the siblings and cousins at around 8 pm. (It was awesome by the way!) Got back to the house at around 10 and managed a small catnap before having to be up at 11:30. We tried first to go to an outlet mall that was opening at midnight for some sales. We couldn’t even make it off the exit, it was back up for about 2 miles! We finally drove past it to turn around and saw some people even parked on the side of the highway and just walked over to the outlet to shop. Insane!

So we decided to hit up Target and JC Penney, starting with Target since they were sure to sell out first. Since Target wasn’t opening until 5 am we ate at IHOP then spent the next few hours standing out in the cold waiting for the doors to open. My dad managed to get his GPS system and my aunt got a flat screen 32inch tv and you know what I got? Nothing. My 1TB desktop hardrive for only $60 was gone! I even got a run over by some old lady’s cart and I got zip. Then we went to JC Penney and I managed to get some Christmas gifts and Bath and Body works was having a decent sale so I got some stuff from there. We finally went back to the outlet after the insane line went down and shopped for a few hours. But by then I was so tired I wasn’t even interested anymore. By the time we got back to the house it was 9 am and I fell into bed immediately.

*sigh* Anyway, all I’m saying is that I’m never doing that again. It’s all about Cyber Monday for me from now on. I don’t care what anyone says. Nothing will get me out among those crazy people ever again. So, how was your Thanksgiving? 😀


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  1. Sounds intense… but what a fabulous Thanksgiving!! Must have been nice to have some sunshine for it, too! xx

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