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January 4, 2010

How is everyone doing so far in the new year? Mine is pretty good so far and more or less on target. I’ve been trying very hard to stay focused on my resolutions that I made for 2010 and I’ve been pretty successful. I’ve been writing everyday in my 5 year journal and I’ve also been taking at least one picture a day for my Project 365. I never really realized how hard it can be to take one picture every day or find something to write about even if I haven’t done much of anything. Since I tend to work at night most days a week I’ve taken to bringing my notebook with me to work so I can write at night.

I’ve also been working on my resolution to be more healthy. I’ve cut out my coffee, instead I’m drinking more tea now (I love Earl Grey) and hot chocolate in the mornings. I’m also drinking water, Gatorade, and V8 Splash (Fruit Medley is amazing) instead of sodas. I’m going to go shopping later this week and look up either a good multivitamin or vitamin system to start taking regularly. I’ll have to do some more research on that first. And I’m also working out a regular fitness schedule that I can start next week. I’ll work out in the morning before I take a shower and go to work. Hopefully it’s something I’ll be able to stick to.

That’s been my progress so far. How about you guys? Have you started on your own Resolutions? And if so, how are they coming along?

P.S. Before I forget there is a series of articles up entitled Make your Life Amazing that is being posted up on Charade Style. It’s pretty amazing and evens offers homework everyday to help you along. I’m planning on starting on it this week to catch up with the days I missed then keep up for the rest of the month. I completely suggest you guys check it out. 😀