Curious Tuesday

May 18, 2010

1. Who is your #1 crush?
Wow, that’s hard. That was a long time ago. lol It was probably this boy named Tristain when I was in elementary school. When we played tag on the playground I let him tag me. 🙂

2. Have you ever tried online dating? How did it go? Any tips?
I’ve never tried it. I’m a little wary with all of the horror stories you see on t.v.

3. Are you sentimental? Do you keep the things other people give you?
I call it being sentimental, my family calls it being a pack rat. lol I tend to keep everything people give me for as long as I can. I just like to keep the memories and it’s easier to remember when you have something tangible to see and touch.

4. As a child, what were your primary interests?
I was a bit of a tomboy actually. I used to love going outside to ride my bike and make mud pies. I loved worms and dirt and sand. But I also loved to read books and if I couldn’t play outside I’d always have a book in my hand.

5. What are your top 3 guilty pleasures?
1. I looooove HGTV and Food Network. I never cook anything or do any of the projects but I just love to watch all of the shows and see how they do it. I keep promising myself that one day I will at least try to do something I’ve seen on one of those channels.
2. Movie soundtracks and musical songs. I have a whole playlist on my iPod just for soundtracks from movies (usually Disney) and musicals (my favorite at the moment is Sweeney Todd). I just love them and they are so easy to sing along to. 😀
3. Young Adult Novels. I just love them! I still read Harry Potter and every time I hit up the bookstore I have to stop by the YA section to see if anything new has come out. I plan to never grow up.



  1. I love, love, LOVE that Erica Jong quote!! It’s alwyas been one of my favourites. And true, too!! Thanks for your lovely birthday wishes too 🙂 xx

  2. I’m a pack rat too!

    And not growing up sounds like a great idea 🙂

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