Fab Friday 5/28/2010

May 28, 2010

Credited to weheartit

It’s been forever since I’ve done this. It’s mostly just because I’ve been so lazy about keeping track of interesting things I see on the web. lol I’m so bad. Anyway, here are some cool links that I’ve seen this week and I really wanted to share with everyone.

I adore young love. And these have to be the cutest kids I’ve ever seen!

Also from the same site, I’m really interested in hosting my own tea party. This should give me some great ideas.

Credited to weheartit

I made this great cream cheese pound cake for my dad’s birthday. I didn’t make the strawberry coulis but it tasted really great. It was my first effort from scratch and I’m very proud of myself. 😀

Summer is here and new shows are on their way! What do you guys watch during the summer? Do you fill up on reruns waiting for the fall shows to start back up or do you have an summer episodes you love to watch?

Credited to weheartit

One of my new favorite authors, N. K. Jemisin, wrote a very interesting rant on the African American section in bookstores and libraries that I found very interesting and relevant. I’ve never looked at that section even though I am black because I’ve always been offended by obvious segregation of that section in the first place and the content that is really prevalent there.

I recently found a great site out there for creative types or just anyone. 😀 It’s called Miseducated. It has multiple contributors and has plenty of articles including lovely DIY projects or advice. It’s a great advice I recommend people visit.


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  1. Hey thanks for the shout-out! This link led me to your blog, which is adorable! I love it


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