Summer Heat and New Eyes

June 15, 2010

Whoo! It is so hot around here! Everyday I wake up to heat advisories on my phone warning me of a heat index in the 100’s. Last week was so nice then all of sudden this weekend it’s cooking us! I can barely stand to go outside after 1 pm because it just gets hotter. And nights are ridiculous. I can barely go to sleep because I just feel so hot and sticky. :/ It’s really bad around here. I’m hoping that it will cool down soon. This Georgia weather is not my friend.

Anyway, onto personal news! Not too much going on but I did finally go get an eye exam. Might as well us that health insurance that I pay for. My eyes didn’t change much but I decided to try out contacts again. Last time I went in I didn’t get the contact specifically for astigmatism and I couldn’t stand it but basically they told me to just bear it. :/ But I went with Pearle Vision this time and they were super nice. They didn’t have my exact prescription with the testers they gave me but told me to try them out and practice for a few hours a day while they order the exact ones. Then I’ll go in and pick those correct ones up and try them out for a few days or a week. We’ll keep trying them to make sure that I like them, then I’ll buy them if I like them. If not I can just go back to my glasses. 😀 I just like that they gave me the option. I’m never going back to that previous doctor. I’ll probably still buy a pair of glasses just to have on hand just in case, especially since my old ones are kind of falling part. lol


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