Fab Friday 6/18/2010

June 18, 2010

Credited to laura tj

I’ve finally broken down and joined Tumblr. I’m really loving it. Especially fuckyeahbookshelves I’m such a book whore. 😉

I was completely blown away by this. It really puts things into perspective for you. Everyone should see it.

I have to say that eating healthy and on a budget is very hard this day and age with the rise of the cost of groceries and fast food chains. However, there is a site that boasts of a man that can eat well on $1 a day. In fact after the first month he extended his challenge and is into it with slightly modified rules. I have to say that it’s sounds pretty awesome. I don’t think that I could do it that well personally, but his site in general has some pretty good ways of saving on groceries. You should check it out.

Credited to weheartit

And speaking of food, lately I have become absolutely obsessed with Japanesebento! I’ve been thinking out trying out this lifestyle for myself. It would be healthier and cheaper than eating out all the time. I’ve found different sites that offer recipes plus places to buy a bento boxes. My favorite all around site so far is Just Bento but Adventures in Bentomaking is pretty awesome too. And a good resource to buy supplies from is JBox. They sell a bunch of bento supplies plus other Japanese items.

I think that when people buy a new house or rent an apartment, a good view is almost always on the list of must haves. Unfortunately this is not something we can all get. However, here are some houses that did not have to compromise on that.


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  1. Nice links! I need to start using my Tumblr more…I always forget about it. The Oil Spill map site…oh my God, my home would be completely covered!

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