Fab Friday 6/25/2010

June 25, 2010

Credited to Photobucket

‘Cruel Intentions’ is one of my favorite movies of all time. I loved the story and the characters, especially Ryan Phillipe’s character. 😉 Kathryn’s style was by far my favorite however. She was always chic and sophisticated, but not too over the top.

People are so hard on themselves unnecessarily. Don’t hate yourself for your mistakes. Instead, try to be kind to yourself.

I’ve been going through planner after planner this year and nothing is just quite right. However, Gala is in love with her Filofax. After reading her post I’ve been thinking about whether I want to get one as well. Check out her post if you are interested!

Who else thinks that the Bliss Pore-fector looks incredibly deadly? It’s like you can cut yourself on that thing! I would not want it anywhere near my face.



  1. I’ve never actually seen Cruel Intentions, but I’ve heard from others as well that it’s a good movie. And that Pore-fector does look a little deadly, almost like a shaver *cringe*.

  2. You always have such lovely pictures!! Your blog is always so fun to read for interesting little tisbits and recommendations 🙂 xx

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