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Fairy tales…with a twist

July 30, 2010

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so MIA. I’ve actually been catching up on a lot of my reading. I have so many new books that I bought with my Barnes and Noble gift card on my new nook. I really love the nook and I take it with me everywhere. Actually, looking up some recommendations online, I found an interest in the author Mercedes Lackey. I’ve been into Fantasy books for a few years now, so it seems a bit odd that I haven’t read her yet since she does write a lot and has been out for a while. But there you go.

Anyway, more specifically I’ve stumbled onto her ‘Five Hundred Kingdoms’ series. It’s a series that shows the more mature side of fairy tales. Basically, in the five hundred kingdoms fairy tales come true everyday and magic is regulated by The Tradition. Things are supposed to happen a certain way and The Tradition ensures that they do. Godmothers and Champions try to make sure that there are the fewest number of casualties as possible in the process. Sometimes there are unhappy endings and sometimes there are happy ones, it just depends on the circumstances.

I’ve actually read the first three books in this series in the past two weeks. That’s how much I like it! I’m actually kind of upset that there’s only 5 written so far. lol I’ve liked all of them so far, but my favorite by far is the first one of the series, ‘The Fairy Godmother’. It’s basically about a girl named Elena whose own fairy tale didn’t quite pan out. She was supposed to be Cinderella, but her prince ended up being 11, which is why she was stuck with her step-family. Anyway, she ends up becoming the Fairy Godmother for her land.

I love Elena’s character! Just because her life may not be going the way she wants it to or expects it to, she is very practical and doesn’t let it get her down for long. The plot is so original and funny, and I love seeing fairy tales in a new light. I’ve always loved to read rewrites of fairy tales but this puts a twist on that. I would recommend it to anyone that likes the fantasy genre or fairy tales. It also has the benefit of helping me to finish one my book challenges. I thought I’d never make any headway.


Fab Friday 7/23/2010

July 23, 2010

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Hey guys, it’s another edition of Fab Friday. It’s just my little part of the web where I share with you the sites that I found interesting this week.

Did you know that Lauen ‘Lo’ Bosworth has a blog? It’s called The Lo Down (which I think is so cute) and is a sort of guide to relationships, beauty, and just life in general. I was a big fan of her post about questions to ask your dermatologist. Definitely something to check out.

I’m really a bit pack rat. I’ve been that way for years and it’s so hard to stop. 🙂 However, We Heart This had a great post this week about about important steps for lasting organizational success. Because like many I’m sure, I’ve organized and cleaned before, but I can never stick to a system. Hopefully this will help me find my own system and stick with it.

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For those of you that don’t know American Eagle started a special deal this past Wednesday. According to Geeksugar, as well as a bunch of other blogs, if you try on a pair of AE jeans in store you get a $25 gift card for future purchases as well as a coupon code for a free smartphone. There different phones available from different phone companies. The phone are free from them you just have to sign a two year contract. Wish I’d gotten this email before I bought my new phone a few months ago. It would have saved me $200. 🙂

I absolutely adore College Fashion’s Disney Fashion Inspiration series. Each post features a different Disney princess around which different outfits are created. The most recent was Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie ‘Aladdin’. I’m looking forward to future posts since I’m still a Disney fan at heart.

And finally I want to share with you guys one of my favorite Korean recipes as done by a great guru on YouTube. I love all of her recipes, it gives me great practice. Especially since my mother cooks by feel and not actual measurements. The results are great but it’s hell trying to learn anything. lol


I’m Back!

July 15, 2010

Hey guys! I’m back from my trip to Jacksonville. It was a great trip and I was able to see a lot of family that I don’t get to see too often. We didn’t really do anything special, we just had some cookouts for the entire family and we mainly hung out with my aunts and cousins that I am more familiar with. My dad’s sisters were all there (3 of them) along with most of their children (my cousins). We went shopping at a flea market and outlet malls. I got some cute shoes from Charlotte Russe for $10. I abstained from shopping because I’m trying to spend less money right now.

That was about it when it came to our trip. I got a bit of a tan in the Florida sun which was nice. I’m just glad that I’m not prone to burning. We also stopped by Savannah on the way home but it was way too hot to stay long. It was a good thing we left when we did because not 10 minutes later and it was pouring down rain. 😀

Anyway, we came back on Tuesday and I spent Wednesday being lazy. I always feel tired coming back from a trip. Is that just me? lol Anyway, today I did some shopping and dropped off some dry cleaning. Finally I went to watch ‘The Last Airbender’. I got some mixed reviews about it, some liked it and some didn’t. I never watched the anime so maybe that’s why I liked it, I don’t have anything to compare it to. Tomorrow I have plans to get my car detailed and maybe I’ll go see ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. I may as well enjoy the rest of my vacation before I have to go back to work on Sunday. :/

Aside from that I also want to stop by the bank. I’ve officially decided to stop letting my finances getting away from me. I’ve stopped spending as much as I used to and I’ve stopped using my credit cards all together. I’ve payed two of them off all together and I’m working on the rest. It’s just hard to pay off multiple credit cards and a student loan, all with their own interest rates. I’m going to see if I can get a personal loan so I can pay off everything and only pay one loan to pay off. It will make things much easier plus hopefully help to raise my credit score. Wish me luck!



July 9, 2010

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I’m finally packing for my trip this weekend! We are leaving tomorrow (yeah I know I’m late) for my family reunion down in Jacksonville. I’m just excited to have some time off and do something other than work. Plus it’s the Peach Jam this coming week and I’m kind of glad that I don’t have to work for it. Something always goes wrong or there’s a shortage of vehicles, not something to look forward to in the least. :/

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So yeah, I’m packing doing this last minute shopping for things I need. Even so I’m pretty relaxed about it. I’m not really a panicker when it comes to last minute packing. I already knew the basics of what I’m taking anyway. I just need to finish the actual physical packing of it. lol And it’s funny because I really enjoy packing and figuring what to take (until I forget something anyway) but I can’t stand unpacking. I hate it with a passion! But I guess you can’t have the good without the bad.

Anyway, this post also serves to let you guys know I will be AWOL until about Thursday of Friday of next week. The hotel we are staying at is very nice but charges for WIFI so I won’t be taking my laptop. (It needs a rest anyway.) They do have a business center with computers but we’ll have to see if I have any time for posting while I’m there. I’ll try to stay in touch with my twitter account at least: @vivaciousv1114 but I will be honest, I’m not much of a tweeter. lol I always forget to keep up with it, even with an app on my phone. Well, have fun my friends and I’ll hit you up when I come back!


Curious Tuesday

July 6, 2010

1. What was your first kiss experience? I’m actually a late bloomer, it was when I went to college. It was a guy my friend hooked me up with. lol It was like he was trying to stab me with his tongue!

2. If you could work for — & learn from — anyone, who would it be & why? Steve Jobs. I just want to see what it would be like to work for him and see how he thinks everyday.

Credited to An Elizabethan Exploration

3. Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs test? What was your result? Do you think it was accurate? I’m an INFP: Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. I do think that it’s very accurate for me. Plus I like being in the same category as people such as Shakespeare, Helen Keller, and Amy Tan.

4. What is your favourite thing about your best friend? That we don’t need words to communicate. We are so close that we can talk to each other with just a look or sound.

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5. What makes you happiest? Books and music and endless possibilities.


Happy Independence Day!

July 4, 2010

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Just here to wish you guys a Happy Fourth of July! I offered to work today since I’m taking a vacation later on this week. (I totally can’t wait, btw.) Anyway, I hope your holiday is awesome and the food is great. I can’t wait for the fireworks tonight.


30 Habits

July 3, 2010

I was going through my Google Reader and I came across this post at Kimberly’s Dream. Delight. Desire. It was very interesting and came originally from a post at Freestyle Mind. I decided to also share this with you. Like Kimberly, I’ve crossed out what I already do now. I want to eventually do the whole list or at least as much as is practical for me.

Health Habits
1. Exercise 30 minutes every day.
2. Eat breakfast every day.
3. Sleep 8 hours.
4. Avoid snacking between meals.
5. Eat five portions of fruits and vegetables every day.
6. Eat fish.
7. Drink one glass of water when you wake up.
8. Avoid soda.
9. Keep your body clean.
10. If you smoke, stop it.
11. If you drink, stop it.
12. Take the stairs.

Productivity Habits
1. Use an inbox system.
2. Prioritize.
3. Plan, but not too much.
4. Wake up early.
5. Check your email only twice per day.
6. Eliminate unimportant tasks.
7. Clean off your desk and room.
8. Automate.
9. Set strict deadlines.
10. Take one day off per week.

Personal Habits
1. Read 1 book per week.
2. Solve puzzles.
3. Think positively.
4. Make fast decisions.
5. Wait before buying.
6. Meditate 30 minutes per day.

Career Habits
1. Start a blog.
2. Build a portfolio.