Fairy tales…with a twist

July 30, 2010

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so MIA. I’ve actually been catching up on a lot of my reading. I have so many new books that I bought with my Barnes and Noble gift card on my new nook. I really love the nook and I take it with me everywhere. Actually, looking up some recommendations online, I found an interest in the author Mercedes Lackey. I’ve been into Fantasy books for a few years now, so it seems a bit odd that I haven’t read her yet since she does write a lot and has been out for a while. But there you go.

Anyway, more specifically I’ve stumbled onto her ‘Five Hundred Kingdoms’ series. It’s a series that shows the more mature side of fairy tales. Basically, in the five hundred kingdoms fairy tales come true everyday and magic is regulated by The Tradition. Things are supposed to happen a certain way and The Tradition ensures that they do. Godmothers and Champions try to make sure that there are the fewest number of casualties as possible in the process. Sometimes there are unhappy endings and sometimes there are happy ones, it just depends on the circumstances.

I’ve actually read the first three books in this series in the past two weeks. That’s how much I like it! I’m actually kind of upset that there’s only 5 written so far. lol I’ve liked all of them so far, but my favorite by far is the first one of the series, ‘The Fairy Godmother’. It’s basically about a girl named Elena whose own fairy tale didn’t quite pan out. She was supposed to be Cinderella, but her prince ended up being 11, which is why she was stuck with her step-family. Anyway, she ends up becoming the Fairy Godmother for her land.

I love Elena’s character! Just because her life may not be going the way she wants it to or expects it to, she is very practical and doesn’t let it get her down for long. The plot is so original and funny, and I love seeing fairy tales in a new light. I’ve always loved to read rewrites of fairy tales but this puts a twist on that. I would recommend it to anyone that likes the fantasy genre or fairy tales. It also has the benefit of helping me to finish one my book challenges. I thought I’d never make any headway.


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