Curious Tuesday

August 10, 2010

Credited to weheartit

What were your family vacations like?
Where did you go? What did you do? What always happened? What was the best holiday you took together? What was the worst?

Credited to weheartit

My family used to travel all the time! Since my dad was in the military we’ve lived all over the world so we were able to visit a lot of different places. We saw the Berlin Wall before it was torn down, we were in Austria and saw the actual house that the Von Trapps lived in. It was really amazing. We also went to Disney World a lot in Orlando since we had family that live in Florida.

Don’t forget to visit Gala to answer these questions for yourself and share. 😀



  1. It’s amazing that you’ve had the chance to visit so many places! I would have loved to see Berlin before the wall came down (although that would have been quite difficult, considering I hadn’t been born yet), but the ruins were just as interesting to see.

  2. I’ve yet to try these, but they look like fun and are definitely interesting to read!
    Thank you for your comment!

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