Top Ten Favorite Books

August 24, 2010

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1. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll – This happens to be at the top of my list just because I’ve loved this book forever. Even though Disney tried to ruin it for everyone, it is a great book that shows so much imagination (or a really great high, depending who you listen to) that is great for kids and adults. In my opinion anyway.

2. “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott – This is probably the oldest book in my personal library. I’ve read this more times than I can count really. I’ve always loved the story of the sisters. I’ve read both books that come after it and I loved them too, but this is my favorite of the three.

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3. The “Harry Potter” Series by J. K. Rowling – I’ve loved this entire series since they first came out. I even turned my sister onto them. I personally like them much better than the movies. Harry is just such a human character, with flaws just like everyone else. Even the supposedly “perfect” characters are portrayed as very human as the series goes on. It has a great plot and characters and is just very entertaining. I was kind of sad to see it end.

4. “Animal Farm” by George Orwell – I’m sure that this was on almost everyone’s required book list in school. I had to read this in high school and I absolutely loved it. I loved the different characteristics of the animals. Orwell’s view of communism is very obvious in the book, but even with that , this books makes it easier to see how communism works, especially for those that have trouble defining it. It’s just a fun read, while also learning something.

5. “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee – This is another book that I’m sure everyone has read. I have to say that I loved both the book and the movie. I related to Scout the most and looked up to Atticus greatly. I still do.

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6. “The Fairy Godmother” by Mercedes Lackey – I just reviewed this not too long ago. I had just finished it for one of my book challenges and I love it. I love the new take on old fairy tales. The whole series is great and original, but this first book is my favorite so far. Look here if you want to see my original post, if you haven’t already.

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7. “The Thirteenth Tale” by Diane Setterfield – This is an amazing book. I don’t normally read stories like this but it was a Barnes and Noble recommendation and it looked really amazing so I picked it up. I did not regret it at all. It’s an amazing book with great characters and a mysterious story that sucks you in from the start. I would recommend this to anyone that likes a good dramatic story with a great mystery. I liked the characters and it was fun trying to figure out what was true and what wasn’t. The truth in the end is really amazing.

8. “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card – This book is the book that got me interested in Science Fiction. The premise of the story is so amazing and original. I reread this book all the time and I never get tired of it. It has sequels and companion books that follow different characters but this book that started it all is my absolute favorite.

9. “Winter of Fire” by Sherryl Jordan – I read this book in middle school and absolutely loved it. It’s about a girl that is part of a people treated as lower that slaves. The upper class won’t even touch them. In a twist of fate she is chosen to be Handmaiden to a powerful Firelord. As she learns what this means she uses her power to fight for her people and equality. I really love the character of Elsha and the message behind this book. It’s sad that it’s out of print. I’m trying to find a copy for myself, since the one I read was from the library.

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10. “Sloppy Firsts” by Megan McCafferty – This is the first book in the “Jessica Darling” series. It’s also my favorite. It’s written in journal form which I normally hate in a book, but it really works for this series. I like that Jessica is not perfect, I like that she’s so cynical and sarcastic (that sounds so familiar…), I also like that she doesn’t even realize how dramatic she is. lol But she’s a teenager, so she’s very normal. This is just the first in a series that follows Jessica through high school, college, and beyond. I really loved the characters and how they grew and changed over the course of the books. I enjoyed watching Jessica realize exactly how much in common she had with her family as well.



  1. Love this post- I’m such a booknerd! I read a couple books all at once, “Kafka on the shore”, an Ian Rankin book and 2 german ones! 😉


  2. I’ve read 3, 4, and 5 of this list. I always find it hard to narrow down my favorite books because I have different favorites for different moods/times/memories. It’s strange. But a great post! I’ll have to read some of the ones you have mentioned.

  3. Hey, how cool to see someone else has read Sloppy Firsts! I’ve read 3 books in the series. I loved them a lot.

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