Thanksgiving Cruise!

December 2, 2010

Credited to weheartit

Hey guys! I’m back! Well, I’ve been back for almost a week now, but it’s been so crazy with me going right back to work and everything. I never had a chance to really update. I finally had time to go through my pictures and put them on my facebook as well as on flickr. If you want to see all of the ones I posted you can go to my flickr account as you can see it to the right. Or here is the link directly to the set for the cruise.

Credited to ShipParade

Above is the ship we sailed on, Monarch of the Seas. It’s one of the smaller ships of Royal Caribbean but that was fine with us. It was our first cruise it was probably best to start small anyway. 😀 We had a great time! The first day we spent just exploring the boat and finding out where everything was. It was a lot of up and down on those stairs, because waiting for the elevator was just torture!

Credited to My Flickr

The second day was spent on Cococay. We went snorkeling and on a nature walk. Plus they had a lunch there for us and some shopping as well. The weather was amazing! Not too hot plus nice and sunny. 😀 Loved it! When we went back to the ship after lunch we just hung out. There were always lots of activities going on and we went to different trivia games that were offered everyday. The first night we went to the Spy Movie trivia game. Throughout the cruise we also went to the Michael Jackson trivia game, the sports trivia, logo and mascot trivia, movie quote trivia game, and more. It was lots of fun and we kept running into the same people at the games. 😀

Credited to my Flickr

The second day we landed at Nassau in the Bahamas. There was great shopping there and we got tons of free jewelry! Apparently the Bahamas are tax and duty free and the jewelry there is really cheap. I got some earring and necklace pendants. Plus we went to a pirate museum which was really cute. That night on the boat there was a Love and Marriage game show which was very funny. Lots of laughs and not so much for the kids. 😉 Plus there is always food available on a cruise! You can eat pretty much 24/7 for free! I had to have gained at least 10 pounds over those 5 days.

Credited to my Flickr

The last day was purely a cruise day. There was no docking so we spent it on the cruise eating and playing games and watching shows. It was a lot of fun. Plus we went to the casino and gambled away our money and spent shopping in the shops. It was so much fun that we’ve decided to make it a tradition for every Thanksgiving. We’ve already booked our cruise for next year on a bigger boat and this time we want to go to Mexico. 😀 I can’t wait!


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