Holiday Wish List

December 24, 2010

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Since Christmas is tomorrow, this post is going to just be a little visual wish list of this I’d like to get for Christmas. Just pretty little things I’d like to see underneath the Christmas tree. 😀 And some things that may not necessarily fit under there. I’m not really expecting all if any of these items, but they would be a lovely surprise. 😉

Credited to weheartit

1. I want a house! LOL No, what I’d really like is snow. I really want a white Christmas this year. Last winter it didn’t snow until January and that lasted like two days. This year I’d like to be able to play in the snow for Christmas at least. I guess since I’ve moved from up north I’ve really missed the winters.

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2. A nook color! I have the original nook and I love it to death but the new nook looks amazing! Plus I do enjoy have a back lit screen. I like to read in bed at night and since I don’t have a bedside lamp, I have to have the room light on to read, then get up to turn it off when I’m done. It’s a bit annoying, but then again, I’m used to it with regular books I suppose. But the nook color would solves that plus all off the new features it offers. I’m a bit of a techno geek and I just love having new gadgets. 😀

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3. Anything that has to do with crocheting. I’ve recently learned how to crochet. (Well, I’ve stopped crocheting triangles anyway. Who knew you have to count stitches?) Anyway, I’ve been wanting to expand my horizons a bit and crocheting is actually really fun! I want books and yarn and different needles to help me learn and do more. I will learn to be thrifty. 😀

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4. Yet another bookshelf. Even though I don’t actually have the room for it, I’m hoping that if I get one, the room will just magically appear. Despite have an ereader, and despite the lack of space I cannot stop myself from buying books! It’s an addiction! I really should try to stop myself, but I really don’t want to. lol

Credited to weheartit

5. Pretty notebooks! I love all kinds of notebooks. I have so many blank ones right now, but I just feel that you can never have too many. Unless you don’t have the room of course. (Refer to #4.) I just love the paper and the covers and the different options to choose from. I prefer blank or lined, but I’ll used squared paper if necessary.


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  1. Ooh – pretty post! I am SO jealous of your post – believe me, it is so snowy here in London and I would gladly swap it for sunshine and warmth!! Have a lovely Christmas xx

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