The Hunger Games

January 16, 2011

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I may be late but I have finally read ‘The Hunger Games’ Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I guess I was hesitant to read these books at first only because I was so disappointed by The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. (It’s the first time I can say that I love the movies but don’t really like the books. Go figure.) Anyway, it took me a while but I finally got around to reading the series, even though I’d had the first book on my shelf for at least 6 months. I was just a bit gun shy at first, but I did get around to it. This is my review of the first book. I’ll put up the books one at a time since I have so much to say, especially about the first book since it introduces you to everything.

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This first book, The Hunger Games, introduces you the the main character Katniss Everdeen. She is a 16 year old girl that lives with her mother and daughter taking care of them since her father died when she was younger. Since life in her district is so harsh she has had to become very tough in her short life. She has one close friend, Gale Hawthorne, that she hunts with illegally to feed their families.

I loved Katniss’ character. She was very realistic for where she came from and what she had to do in her life. The author didn’t try to make her likable or too nice. She’s a real person with real problems and her own way of dealing with those problems. Katniss’ thought processes are very interesting throughout this book. How she thinks compared to everyone else is so intriguing to look at. And yet they make complete sense to her and therefore to us. I’ve read some reviews where people though she was too coarse or hard, but I felt she was as tough as she needed to be.

I also loved the other characters we meet. I liked Gale as her best friend. They had a similar lifestyle and shared much as they got to know each other. Her sister Prim was also a great character. You saw how much Katniss loved her sister by how she took care of her and coddled her. Her interactions with those two showed the softer side of Katniss. Through them we saw that she wasn’t all hardness, but she had a lot of love in her too. Peeta Mellark who is the other player in the Hunger Games from their district may have been my favorite character after Katniss. He was just so sweet and genuine. And yet he showed that he could absolutely take care of himself. He was a very capable character. His reactions with Katniss were just too cute.

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There were other characters that I enjoyed as well. Haymitch was their mentor for the Hunger Games. It seems like a sad joke at first since he’s such a drunk but he really steps up in the book and helps them out. I also adored Cinna, Katniss’ stylist for the ceremonies. You can tell he had his own agenda, but you can also tell that he genuinely liked Katniss and wanted her to be successful. And finally was Rue, one of the other contestants in the Games. She was so small and reminded Katniss of her sister Prim, yet she proved to a very capable member of the game. Her alliance with Katniss was very helpful to both characters and she was so sweet and lovely. Overall, the characters in the books were very well thought out and executed.

The book as a whole was amazing. The descriptions of life in District 12 where Katniss lived was very real and gritty. The fact that she volunteered herself as a member of the Games instead of her sister was expected, yet the scene itself as you are reading evokes so many emotions in you. I could practically picture it in my head, especially as Gale holds her sister back. The Hunger Games were are real and graphic as you would expect. There were blood and guts, and unexpected times of peace when it got to be just a little too much.

If you can’t already tell, I am in love with this book! I was not disappointed in the least. The characters were wonderful and the story was original and realistic. The ending made me want to read more and yet not because I was scared to see what would happen. I would recommend this book to anyone.



  1. I totally lost my life to these books just before Xmas. I couldn’t put them down, I even declined an invitation out one evening because I was at an exciting point in the narrative and didn’t want to stop reading!

    Can’t wait for the film!

  2. This looks so interesting – thanks for such an intelligent book review! 🙂 xx

  3. The hunger games turned me into a complete reading addict, I didn’t even want to shower..much less eat, just to finish the books. These books are just incredible, suzanne collins is a very talented writer.

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