Harry Potter, The End of an Era

July 23, 2011

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The end of the Harry Potter saga is here. The last book has been written, the last movie made. Years of magic and mystery that have kept the children within us alive and kicking has now come to an end. It’s bittersweet really. We waited with bated breath for each new book to come out, wanting to read the next chapter in Harry’s story. Then we waited in anticipation for each new movie to be released, hoping it they would live up the the magic of the books. We wanted to know how the story ended. And now they have come, we are sad to see them go.

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Hogwarts was just as much home to us, as it was to the students that inhabited it. We imagined which house we would be sorted to. (I’m totally a Ravenclaw, by the way.) We imagine the type of wand we would have and which classes would be our favorites. This was a world that was as real to us as the one we actually live in.

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I went to see ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’ this past weekend. I have to say that, combined with Part 1, this was my favorite of the entire series. There was so much that happened here and so many things explained. I really loved Neville in this movie. He really came into his own. And of course, I’ve always loved the Snape storyline. He has always been my favorite character. I will also say that I could have done without the epilogue. I never really liked that part of the book either.

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If only we could go back in time and see it all from the beginning again. Now would be a great time to have to have a time turner. However, we still have our books to read over and over. We have our movies to watch again and again. We even have a an amusement park to go to now. (Which I’m, even now, planning a trip to for my birthday.) We have an entire community of people to reminisce with. And a whole new generation to introduce the magic of Harry Potter too. (I’m planning to gift the Harry Potter series to my younger cousins for Christmas.)

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How are you dealing with the end of the Harry Potter era? Have you gone to see the movie, yet?
“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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One comment

  1. sigh.


    I love Harry Potter and will forever. I only started being a HP lover since November when I read through all seven books in two months. JK Rowling has the best imagination ever and the world she created is a world that has captivated like the entire frikin world. a world i would LOVE to live in.
    The final movie was good… the only thing i wish was that it was a little bit more epic. I dunno, the final showdown between harry and voldemort was okay, but i wanted them to have the big showdown like it was written in the book. in the great hall in front of everyone. All we got was harry and voldemort doing their little light thing like 3 times. And i wanted more of a BATTLE like where you felt the chaos rather than little tidbits of the battle that flashed by. I know harry wasnt really a part of that but…. i feel like it would have added more awe and gave you a feel for the whole epicness of the final battle of the final book.
    ANyways… ;D enough of my ranting.
    Ahhh i loved Snape’s storyline too! I was very depressed when he had to die like that. And his memories in the pensive were so tender and heartbreaking. Alan Rickman did a phenomenal job with Snape.
    I honestly think these were some of the most epic great books ever written and will NEVER loose their effervescent pull

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