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30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 18, 19, 20, and 21

August 21, 2011

Late again! I know. I just feel so lazy when the weekend comes closer. lol So here I am, playing catch up again.

Photo Challenge Day 18: In My Bag

Here is my purse that I’m currently using. Of course I always carry my wallet, but I also keep a notebook with me at all times and a clear makeup case. I like to have chapstick, oil blotting sheets, hand lotion, etc on me. You never know.

Photo Challenge Day 19: Where I Slept

Here is my bed! I just bought new sheets this week. 🙂 I love blue so of course my sheets would be blue, too. Very comfortable.

Photo Challenge Day 20: What I Read

This is my nook! I love it to death. While I will probably always read physical books, I can’t deny the convenience of this gadget while traveling. I always take this on trips, it’s much better than trying to decide what books to pack with me.

Photo Challenge Day 21: Pretty Pattern

This is just the pattern from my comforter. 🙂


30 Day Photo Challenge Day 17

August 17, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 17: On the Shelf

This is one of my bookshelves. Packed with books and I placed candles on the very top. I collect those. 🙂


30 Day Photo Challenge Day 16 and New Layout

August 16, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 16: What I Ate

This is my dinner for tonight. It’s a Healthy Choice Steamer meal in Grilled Chicken Marinara. This is before I mixed in the marinara sauce, it’s much prettier before. lol I’m just feeling too lazy to cook anything right now. Plus, it’s actually pretty good.

Lastly, what do you think of my new layout? I had the last one for a long, long time. It really was time for a new one. I used GIMP and I’m not really the best at graphics, but I was pretty pleased by how it came out. I was inspired by a movie I recently watched on Netflix, The Secret of Moonacre. I feel in love with the settings and costumes of this movie. Plus the story was incredibly cute. I plan to read the book it was based on as soon as I can find a copy. 🙂


30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 13, 14, and 15

August 15, 2011

So sorry about the delay! I took the pictures but didn’t put them up. I was feeling kind of lazy this weekend. lol But here they are all together.

Photo Challenge Day 13: From a Distance

This is on the interstate while I’m out and about. It was a really nice day. 🙂

Photo Challenge Day 14: Flowers

Back to work again! These flowers are planted in planters out in front of the airport where I work. I really love how this came out on instagram. It kind of looks like a painting.

Photo Challenge Day 15: My Shoes

These are my favorite pair of shoes. My Chucks! I really want to get more of these. Comfortable and stylish! 😉


30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 12

August 12, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 12: Close Up

Today is chore day. Since it’s my day off I have so much to do! Drop off and pick up my dry cleaning, do the laundry, grocery shop. I hate being an adult. :/ And of course I hate the laundry the most. I hate the sorting and folding and hanging up. It’s so tedious.


30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 11

August 11, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 11: Something Fun

My family is pretty big on games. We are very competitive and it can get pretty rowdy when we play board games. We play board games, card games, dvd games, everything! We are pretty overdue for a family game night. 😉


30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 10

August 10, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 10: Something I Made

Today’s challenge for something I made is a little hard. I’m not really a crafty person. lol However, I have been playing around with origami lately and my latest attempt was a crane. I’ve always wanted to make a bunch of them in pretty colors to string up.