The Secret of Moonacre

October 11, 2011

Credited to Aranel Online

I found this move on Netflix a while a ago and decided to watch it.As you can see from my blog layout, I really loved it. 🙂 The sets and the costumes of this movie were really gorgeous! Just looking at it from an esthetic point of view, it was beyond amazing. The picture above is that of the main character, Maria, in her room at Moonacre. Both that dress and that room are to die for.

Credited to Tumblr

The Secret of Moonacre is actually based on a book called The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. I plan to read the book as soon as I find a copy of it. Here is the summary from Netflix.

    When the fantastic tale in her magical storybook comes to life, young Maria Merryweather (Dakota Blue Richards) finds herself trapped in an ancient feud between her family and a rival clan. Now, she must locate the source of their quarrel: a group of magic pearls. Gabor Csupo directs this adaptation of Elizabeth Goudge’s award-winning children’s book, The Little White Horse. Tim Curry and Ioan Gruffudd co-star.

Credited to Period Films Tumblr

Credited to Period Films Tumblr

I would love to live in this house! Everything about it just screams fairy tale. I would recommend this movie to anyone that still has that child inside of them or just wants to watch a beautiful movie.


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  1. Looks pretty good!

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